Use the 'how to' guides and handy templates on the following pages to help you run school, workplace or community events. 

Bike Wise resources

The Bike Wise 'how to' guides, fact sheets, radio ads, logos, media, poster and planning templates will help you organise a Go By Bike Day, Big Bike Tune Up, Be Bright campaign or the new 'Bike Wise Explorer'.


Get your workplace cycling 

Get your workplace cycling with this handy Bike Wise guide which includes how to plan and deliver inhouse activities, NZ case studies and editable templates. 

Get your school cycling 

We’ve collected ‘ten for teachers’ cycling-related resources. The resources guide students through a process that covers why we cycle and cycling safety, which then leads into running an in-school activity. Check out the resources to get your school cycling.

Get your community cycling 

Help members of your community get on their bikes and cycle safely by running a Big Bike Tune Up, Go By Bike Day, Bike Wise Explorer clue trail or Be Bright event.