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On yer bike New Zealand…

Image of two children biking

The NZ Transport Agency is urging Kiwis to get on their bikes tomorrow, as New Zealand celebrates the joys of pedal power to mark Go By Bike Day.

Ciclovía: taking the world by storm

Image of an adult and two children riding bikes

It's a simple concept - close a road to cars and open it to people...

a2b GO hits Wellington on Go By Bike Day

a2b GO logo

a2b GO is Wellington’s summer challenge where workplace teams fight it out in a four-week active travel battle.

World Champs from 7-years old to 60 plus

Image of BMX rider at Rotorua Bike Festival

There is homegrown talent with world titles to their names lining up at the Rotorua Bike Festival in the heart of New Zealand’s North Island, starting on Friday February 14.

Safeguard our children as schools go back

Image of students biking to school

As schools reopen from this week, Police are reminding motorists to take extra care on the roads to safeguard our most vulnerable road users.

Changing perspectives: bus drivers and cyclists switch places

An initiative has been designed to build awareness of the different experiences of drivers and cyclists face while using the same roads.

Cyclists learn to look, signal, move

Image of child riding a bike

By the time students in the Nelson and Tasman areas take their bicycles to the road, they are ready to put into practice the key steps of look, signal, move.

See the person - share the road

NZ Transport Agency Share the Road

The NZ Transport Agency has launched a new ‘moment of truth’ outdoor and radio advertising campaign to promote awareness of cyclists and to encourage safe sharing of the road.

Rotorua Bike Festival 2014 update

Toddler riding a bike at the Rotorua Bike Festival

With the second Rotorua Bike Festival just over a month away entry numbers are already well up on 2013 and one event has all but sold out.

Aucklander’s decade of biking to work

Image of an advanced stop box

Kristin Percy doesn’t know exactly how much money she’s saved by cycling to work over the last ten years...