About Bike Wise

Bike Wise is New Zealand’s national cycling programme, promoting cycling as an enjoyable, fun, healthy and safe transport mode. Bike Wise Month takes place in February each year and involves a festival of fun cycling events such as Big Bike Tune Ups and Go By Bike Day.  Beyond these, there are other school, community and biking related activities throughout the year. 

Bike Wise is the sole national programme of cycling events and is funded by the NZ Transport Agency. Bike Wise Month and its related events are coordinated annually by the NZ Transport Agency through a strong and dedicated network of regional and local coordinators from councils, regional sports trusts, cycling advocates, district health boards, businesses, schools, NZ Police and volunteers. 

The goals of Bike Wise are outlined in the Strategic Framework 2010-2015:

  • Increase the number of New Zealanders who cycle
  • Increase opportunities for cycling
  • Increase the safety of cyclists.

Cycling is increasingly becoming a highly sustainable mode of transportation in New Zealand. Over the years, both the NZ Transport Agency and MoH have been working to raise cycling levels, cycle safety, cycling as a healthy behaviour and encourage cycling to work as a sustainable mode of transport. Bike Wise has helped to encourage a growing culture of cycling for both transport and recreation, with the number of new cyclists increasing gradually in the recent years. 

Bike Wise Reference Group

Bike Wise is supported by the Bike Wise Reference Group that shares the commitment to promoting and encouraging biking throughout New Zealand for enjoyment and transport. The Bike Wise Reference Group is chaired by the NZ Transport Agency and consists of representatives from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Transport, Sport New Zealand, New Zealand Police, the Cycling Advocates NetworkCycling New Zealand, ACC and Bike On NZ. The group meets four times a year to offer guidance on steering Bike Wise’s future direction and to foster better collaboration and coordination amongst partners and networks.  

Bike Wise Strategic Framework 2010-2015

A Bike Wise Strategic Framework (PDF, 2MB)  has been developed with input from the Bike Wise Reference Group and key stakeholders. This will guide the direction of Bike Wise activities and other national cycling outreach initiatives from 2010 to 2015 in New Zealand. The framework sets out a clear vision and goals, with strategic priority areas identified for Bike Wise. Managers, coordinators, event organisers and anyone involved in biking-related initiatives may be interested in this. The framework is reviewed once every five years. All enquiries and feedback can be sent to bikewise@nzta.govt.nz